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President & CEO
Alpha-Numeric Consulting, LLC, Compliance Consulting, Hoschton, GA
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Recent regulatory directives have placed increasing importance on risk
management, policies, model inventories, assumption documentation,
data integrity, security and change control, developmental evidence,
process verification and outcome analysis.

Is your current audit program comprehensive enough to meet these
stringent requirements?  Do you have the resources?

What  Alpha-Numeric Consulting can offer:

- dedicated and focused resources that provide a broad-based prospective with
an industry best practices approach.

Expertise -  specialized knowledge and technical skills backed by more than 31 years of
experience in banking, financial application, software models, and consulting services with an
emphasis on asset-liability management,  internal audit, investments, operations, profitability
analysis and risk, and vendor oversight management.  

Results - customized solutions including educational instruction, policy and procedure creation
and review,  as well as  the development of comprehensive internal audit programs to help ensure
compliance with the most complicated internal, external and regulatory requirements.
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of examiners"
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